“My city of Herat”

I can’t believe it! I can’t believe my ears!  I am so excited, and there are no words to express my happiness. One of the greatest dreams of my life has come true. The sweet language of Pashto has returned to Herat. Now I can proudly say to everyone that Herat City is the birthplace of Ahmad Shah Baba(Ahamd shah Durrani/abdali) and the burial place of Kakar and that more than fifty percent of the population of Herat City is Pashtun.

I want to tell all my friends who would laugh if someone mentioned anything about Pashto being spoken in Herat province that they were right, it was indeed an unheard of occurrence  but not anymore. Even I used to say that we Herati Pashtuns are unfortunate people. Unfortunate because we lost our ancestral language of Pashto. In the whole city of Herat there was not even a single Pashto newspaper or magazine to be found anywhere. Herat, called the city of literature, the city of knowledge, and the city of culture completely turned it’s back to Pashto language and literature .

Herat City is the capital of Herat province in Afghanistan, and even though Pashto is an official language of Afghanistan, there was not even a single Pashto article in our government magazine and never more than a short news program on our government TV channel. There were many other television channels and many other magazines, but even though the majority of the people of Herat are Pashtuns, none of those were in Pashto either. Any sort of Pashto learning center existed only in our imagination. Pashto seemed almost to be a forbidden language in my city, the so called City of Knowledge.

I will never forget what happened one afternoon when I was at a memorial conference for a Dari poet. At one point in the program, a young Pashtun man came onto the stage and recited a lovely poem in Pashto, praising the life of the respected Dari poet. An Irani diplomat, who was present in the conference shamefully and loudly said; “This is a conference for a Farsi poet and this is Herat so why is he talking in Pashto!”

Today with great happiness and joy,  I want to tell everyone that most of Herat’s Pashtuns now speak the sweet language of Pashto. Every weekend, all over Herat province, we have Pashto poetry gatherings and every month we have a large and productive gathering to discuss Pashto and Pashtunwali. Once every year the city of Herat hosts an International Pashto Conference. Now we have Pashto TV channels, Pashto magazines, and Pashto medium schools all over Herat, and more than fifty percent of government TV programs and government magazines are in my beloved language of Pashto.

All this is a reality. I am not dreaming. I am not dreaming. Just as I say this sentence to myself a third time ….., I wake up. Alone in my room, my happiness suddenly turns to great sorrow. It was all a dream. All of beloved Pashto’s miseries still exist in Herat. Pashto is still not welcome in my city and most of it’s Pashtun residents still do not know how to speak their own language.There is no Pashto TV, no Pashto poetry gatherings, no Pashto language conferences, not even a regional one and schools in Pashto medium do not exist.

Recently some Pashtuns in Herat have started a Pashto language magazine called Harrirod named for a river that flows through the province. It the first and so far the only Pashto language publication in Herat. I know I am not alone in these dreams that Pashto language media and learning resources will be available to all Pashtuns everywhere, and I have faith that someday,  InshaAllah, this dream of ours will become a reality.

by Eimal Dorani


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  1. Abdul Nafay Sana Says:

    Dear brother!
    You are true when saying you are not alone in the dream. Proper lobbying has been done for promotion of Pashto not to talk of the so called Persian dominated Herat, even not in the Pashtun areas. We still have a long way ahead to enable Pashto to attract the attention of not only its own speakers but aliens too as an important and rich source of information, literature, thought and so on. Everybody would try to learn Pashto if it could earn them some cash. Even the government in Kabul has not been pressurised enough to give an equal share to Pashto along with Dari in the official documentations. Yeah, we have a long way ahead to get nearer to the dreams becoming true.

  2. Habib Daftani Says:

    Deeer shaaa Durani seeb, reshtyaa ham chee deera shaa lekana daa, Inshallah da khoob ba hatman pa reshtya badlezy.

    Chee zawanan dasy wartaa zaghezy
    Da weeda Qoom ba raweekezyyyyy

    Durani Seeb, za ta Sara yam, let me know if can do any thing to our sweet language.

    Pa Daranakht.

  3. Inshallah pukhtanu ba khpal yo watan e .. inshallah bas unity nur mazbotha shi .. dunya na ba pukhtunkhwa ki pukhtanu mutahid kao .. che khpala jaba or riwayath ki nur pakhu shu .. ameen … ameen ameen …



  5. zarlakhta Says:


  6. iftikhar khan Says:

    دراني وروره لوئے خدائے دي ستا خوب رښتيا کړي۔ په خيبر پختونخوا کښے هم پرته ده دي چه په پښتو هيڅ قسم بنديز نيشته ، خو ولے سکولونه ټول اردو او انګلش ميډيم دي، او زمونږ بدقسمتي ده چه نوے نسل په پښتو کښے ليک لوست نه شي کولے۔۔

  7. Herat is my city also, i am from herat i was there one year ago, it was really wonderful, mashallah there are allot of Pashtuns, and on Shamshad TV, the other day, i saw an seminar/conference on Pashto poems and poets, which was organized by Pashtun community.

    So inshallah our beautifull herat will be a big center of Pashto, once again. inshallah…

  8. Mirwais Khan Zazai Says:

    i am really really happy to hear that Pashto is being spoken in Herat, and that there are people who have feelings and work for our sweet language Pashto. and may Allaah give us the strenght to serve our beloved language Pashto the best we can. Inshallaah

    • Mohammad Arif Sahar Says:

      Thank you, all for the nice words on Pashtu the mother tongue of brave Afghans, I live in Herat for more then 15 years but my kids speak Pashtu and also fluent dari…. No problems at all. Its all about family responsibility to properly guide their children to grow with decipline and respect to their homeland and language. I’d comment that we Pashtun in particular Pakistan speak a mix Pashtu with Urdo and English that effects our language and children………….. Therefore its oud fault……….. by learning some english does not change our personality

      Regards to All from Herat with nice people

  9. Hamdullah Says:

    Dear Brother,
    i am not from that region but i have to mentioned that i have gone there twice and i have roamed arround and the only one things which could make me cry was to see a pukhtun who is unable to talk in Pukhtu, and i thought they are all Tajik , but later on when i went for some feild visits i found out thatmost of them are Pukhtuns, that cried me again, but we do not have to be disappointed ,lets start some thing new , lets set togather with those who are interested and real pukhtuns to work on it, lets brign a movment writing essays and topics will only rise the people emotions but will not take a real step for serving Pukhtuns there, i would request you any one can take the lead of this and will closely contact some pukhtuns who claim that they have served pukhtu , let make thing happens not only on a peace of papper

    • manina hamdullah jana wrora der khkulay nazar mo wrkri dai

    • Mohammd Naeem Says:

      za tasi sara malgari yam . der khkuli nazar lari. razi che yaw dasi unity jora karo che pa rakhtya sara pakhto lapara dasi khidmat wakro che pa ayanda ke mo sar da fakhra oochat wee. da facebook yaw page ya group jor kari che sirft paki hagha kasan we cha da pakhto aw pakhtano lapara da khpal sar, mal. na ter she, aw da wada wakri che pa har sorat ke ba hamisha khpala khoga jaba wayo

  10. Sahil Tanha Says:

    Dear Brothers, First of all I offer my regards and hope that u guys are in good health. I would like to shed some light on this issue, to be honest it is the weakness of our own Pashtun who have been living (e.g. Kabul) and they speak Dari every where, I don’t know what is wrong with them or may be they feel shame to speak Pashto. Nevertheless, Majority of the Pashtun turned their language into Dari, because they are living in Kabul so nobody has been forced to speak Dari, so why they are using Dari then. I m sorry guys I don’t any kind of conflict with Dari. Have you guys seen any Dari speaker talking Pashto on TV? of course no. But, I don’t blame those Pashtun children who are speaking Dari. their parents are responsible for their language, it is the weakness of our elders. Thanks guys I don’t want to create discrimination here.
    Yaw Jahan manana.
    Yours brother

    • Mohammad Arif Sahar Says:

      Dear Sahil
      Thanks, I really support your concern the same problem is here in Herat and Farah provine they all speak dari even at home. Therefore its our fault all those who are claiming to promote Pashtu are not true in their heart. the solution is that our young generation should step forward and make this possible.

      My regards to all Afghans
      Arif Sahar Paktia but live in Herat

    • Mohammd Naeem Says:

      Dear Sahil brother i agree with you . lets not feel sham speak pashto with other languges speakers. love you my Dear Pashtoon

    • سلامونه ورونو!
      ده زمونږ ډیره بدقسمتی ده چی مونږ پښتانهَ یو او زمونږ په کورونو کښی دري یا کوم بله ژبه ویل کیږی. زه پښتون یم، ځما ټوله کورنۍ پښتانهَ، خو نیم کورنۍ دری خبری کوي او نیمه اردو یا انګلیسي غږیږی.او ساحل وروره ته رښتیا واییَ ده زمونږ مشران کمزور سوي دی.

  11. Lemar Srak Says:

    پښتو هم چه ډيره موده له ښارونو وتلى وه دغرو په سرو او كلو كښ يى دلويو خلكو له نظره لرى ځاى نيولى و، ارومرو به يى هغه خپله پخوانۍ پنګه له لاسه وتلى وى او لږ څه به ورته پاتى وى، داهم دپښتو ډير قوت او لوى طاقت دى چه په غرو او رغو كښ يى لا تراوسه پورى لكه دڅېړۍ ونه بى باغوانه خپل ځان ټينګ كړى او په خزان كښ يى هم خپلى پاڼى شنى ساتلى دى

  12. Ajmal Aand Says:

    درانی صیب مننه ، د هرات د پښتنو په اړه په زړه پورې لیکنه ده او رېښتیا سړي ته هیلمندي پیدا کوي

  13. Yesterday i was sitting in my office in Kandahar, a person came to my office from Herat and started talking Dari i said i don’t know Dari u please speak my language. and i was surprised that when he started speaking pashto. i saw that he was pashtoon and knew pashto but spoke with his pashtoon brother Dari. I asked him who you are he said that my mother is Barakzai and my father is Popalzai. I said that who are you then he said that I am Tajik because my language is Dari. I was shocked and my heart started jerking when i listen that a son of Pashoon is now introducing himself as a Tajik. So remember language is very important and if language changes ethnicity changes automatically. We have more then 50 million Pashtoons in India but they have now turned into Urdu speaking and now they don’t call themselves Pashtoon because they have forgot their source of ethnic base that is Pashto Language. So please please please don’t hate language of others but don’t forget your own language and let your children learn it. If the situation goes as it is right now believe me after 50 year there will be no Pashtoon remaining on the map of world. we will be either Indians or persian, now decision is up to you. Mr. Eimal jan we are with you.

  14. هره ژبه اوريدي شمه خوستواله/خو پښتون يم ميئن ځكه په پښتو يم

    Durrani saib dera khayesta lekana wa , allah di zmunga pokhtana sara yaw zai kre che khpala zhaba par makh boze,
    aw pokhtana di allah kamiaba lare che po khpala zhaba lek aw lwast aw khabre wakre
    la taso na manana, mung ta sara yo

    Po Poshtana meena

  15. nice read I shared your article with Pashtuns on http://www.pashtunforums.com

    be sure to register with us =)

  16. بلخی افغان Says:

    Eimal Wror Allah De pa gato Barakat ka, pa de hela che har pakhton sara da ehsas jawanday she che tar so khaple jabe aw koltor ta tar khapala wasa kar wake

    De lar aw bar de yewali pa hela

  17. obaidullah sahak Says:

    salaamona drasto pashtanoo ta

    wish that your dream will become true
    i will end it by this nice pashto poem
    for those pashtoon who don’t know pashto.

    bala zhaba yadawal ka loy kamal dee = khpala zhaba herawal be kamalee da

  18. Wakil Ahmad Khan Herati Says:

    Dear Pashtun Brothers,

    To Be Honest, if Afghanistan has more than 50% of Pashtunes, but more than 25% from 50% of pashtunes don’t like to speak in pashto. why be cause they don’t like it or maybe its difficult for them to learn. I am original from Herat City, Living in Kabul City, we have lots of relatives from Herat, they are from Kakar, Ahmadzai and Barekzai but non of them are speaking in pashto, as I told you the reason.

    I can speake in pashto but not very well, I know some one from Kandahar from Kakar Family, Living in Kabul, he is original pashtun from Kandahar, he always supporting Dari Language, and says that don’t “Dagha Pagha” Sorrrrry.

    He is working in a NGO, he told all us his colleagues that whenever we are calling our realtives to outside the country and talking in Pashto it costs us much, but whenever we are talking in Dari, it costs us cheap.

    So maybe these are the reason why people leave speaking in pashto. and select the Sweet Language of >> DARI <<.

    God Bless Afghanistan
    Peace for All Afghanistans Peoples and their Unity.
    Peace for Language of Afghanistan
    DARI……, Hazaragi, Uzbaki and pashto

    Your Friend!
    Wakil Ahmad Khan Herati

    Please leave me comment in this page if you need.
    don't send me emails,

    • wror jana khafa kiga ma dasi brikhi che sta pa pidaysht ki haro maro sa tawpir shta . aw the one u are saying is from kandahar i can say there is some prb in his birth . bt never say that pashtons don’t like their language , u know even other nations like their language which are just arrising ,bt how do u think about pashto ? plz don’t mind think logically thanks

  19. Habibullah Says:

    Zama garana waroora sta de artical khooo pakhto ta nawaye rang warko pakhtoo khalgo hera kareda inshallah ka cherta moonga saraa yawoshoo biya ba pashtu bandi her afghan fakhar kawi kala sanga che moonga os fakhar bandi kawoo zama da tolo pakhtanoo tha khuwast de chee raazi akhpal watan tha akhpal zabi tha yawsa waako zamoonga plaroo pa majbooori ki zindagi tera kra pa jango ke bad waqt ter karkari de os raaazi chee mong duniya sara kadam yaw koo aw per makht tag wako ter toolo awala khabara bayad moonga yaaw afghan shoo biya pashtanu shu afghanistan zamoonga kor de ka tajik de ka uzbak de ka hazara de ka pashtoon de daa toola zamong family da tar tola muhim kadam che monga da dushman dapara bayed yaw afghan shu biya pashtana sho dhera manana stasooo toola na specially durani waroor na allah pak dee samong afghanistan rata joor ki amin allah de her gharib tha her majboora che pa afghanistan ki de awoo ka mahajer de allah de hagho tha kha zwand warke aw allah de medad waki
    Kor mu wadan

  20. durani saheb it was wonderful note inshallah soon everywhere will be pashtu


  21. Mahmooo Noorzai Says:

    Woww!! that was indeed a great piece of written art and written with deep sentiments of love towards our language and people,

    Thank you durani sahib its really apprciable

  22. SHENKAY Says:

    salaam dear friends,
    i hope everyone is doing well here. im an afghan my tribe name is kakar and im from sweet Herat, and currently living here i dont speak pashto, but still it doesn’t mean im not an afghan anymore i respect pashto as much i respect Dari.i consider myself always an afghan. and a human a good human being. it doesn’t matter if dari or pashto is spoken in Herat what’s the problem with that? still we are afghans. dari and pashto both taken from Farsi. right guys? so it doesn’t matter. i hate Iranians. we had our own language which was neither dari or pashto, and when the persian Empire captured balkh of Aryana. they destroyed our whole culture. everything. it’s a fact we had a language in the period of King Yama these basterds destroyed our culture and left no proves behind, nobody has been able to find a single prove. and then they brought farsi a source of communication. let me not skip the agenda. my sweet bro emal jan. u have very good thoughts and i appreicate it. i think guys this is not the time to work on these issues, it’s the time to build this country first and then work on these language problems. language is a source understanding and being understood. it doesn’t matter alot. the big goal of ours should be to get united have that blood flow in ourselves. and build every part of my sick country. i didn’t mean to offend anything, just shareing my points of view.

  23. I really enjoyed reading your article. Really beautiful record! They go very deep and leave you thinking for hours afterwards.

  24. Waaaaaaaw!!! Eimal jan!
    It was a great topic and very very interesting!!
    It is actually a reaility that may many young generation have the same as ur deram like me, I am a pashtune, but coz i grow up in Herat Unfortunetly i dont know how to speak in pashtu.Well, i wish our dream dont remain a dream…

  25. Fantastic brother! i always would say Herat used to be the city of pashtoons, but what i see now is different from what being thought about Herat…. or used to be… Everyone i see from Herat speaks Iranian Farsi which really gives me some bad feelings about our country and our culture. anyways i am very delighted to see this.

  26. Millatpal Noorzai Says:

    Durranai saheb salamona aw neeki heeli,

    Der pa zrra pori, da khwashai aw da heelo dak zerrai de rabandi wakrai,Allah de janati kra.

    I urge all friends not to forget the role of “Afghan Millat Gwand” who have been very active lobbying for the return of Pashto to the birth place of Ahmed Khan Baba (Herat).

    90% of all the districts in Herat are Pashtun mainly Noorzai,Barakzai,Alizai,Alkozai and Asakzai tribes.
    The city of Herat however has a mix population of Pashtun Safis,Tokhis, all the ZAIs,Kakars,Sulemankhel etc along with Hazara and Tajik immigrants.

    • Mohammad Arif Sahar Says:

      Dear Noorzai Sahib
      Thanks, for the nice comments, to be honest Afghan Millat Gwand has done nothing to improve Pashtu rather then for their political interest. over the last few years its the political parties that brought differences between the people rather then bringing stabilty and unity. The same goes to all political parties Jamiate-e-Hezb- Ethehad and so many others

      The young generation are required to step forward and build this warn torn nation…………

      I hope it won’t heart you

      Arif Sahar Paktia………. live in Herat

  27. Dear Durani Saheb,
    Unfortunately, it is sad to hear that Pashto is not commonly spoken in the western Herat Province. I believe the best means to promote Pashto in Herat is to formulate some media programmes in Pashto language or even set up some radio channels and publications to promote Pashto. Unluckily, the present minister of information and culture is not on good terms with Pashto speakers and this is considered a serious obstacle impeding the promotion of our language. But, we need to make efforts to encourage the youth to roll up their sleeves to work for this language through all possible means. By the way, this piece of work is encouraging.

    Aghyar kho wayi da dozakh jaba da
    za ba pukhto sara jannat ta zama


  28. Ajmal khatak Says:

    Manana Grana Dera pa zara pory likana da mashallah allah de tawfiq darkri chi hamdasi haqaiq bia ham waliki.
    Taso Pa Allah bawar wakrai chi tar awsa ma da fikar kawa chi pa herat ke pakhtan nashta de aw ka wi ham no haghwai ba ham da iran da tasir landi wi.
    aw bal khwa taso Afghani media ta fikar wakrai che herat faqat da farsi jebi walayat pa toga ra marifi kawi aw lamar pa 2 goto patawi.
    dagha da iran media waly dasi kawi che da pakhtano sakha khpal waroona juda kawi.

  29. Dear Mr. Durani,
    It was really good and exiting news. I wish you all the success in your efforts. Keep it up. Pashtoon youth are with you to take the opportunity and join you in this initiative.

    Sincerely yours,


  30. چې یې مور وې پدې خاوره زیږولې – چې په هر زبان ګویان دې نو افغان دې

    ډیره خوندوره لیکنه وه الله دې اجر درکړې ، د ریښتونې پښتون لپاره خپله ژبه پریښودل د ناموس پریښودلو څخه هم ګرانه ده خو بې احساسه خلک او چې په نوم پښتانه وې نو ډيره اسانه ده ځکه چې هغوﺉ د هر څه څخه تیر وې

    مونږ د کوم قوم سره یا د کومې زبې سره ستونزه یا بدوالې یا دښمنې نه لرو خو خق لرو چې خپله ژبه ژوندۍ وساتو او خپل کلتور او ژبې ته خدمت وکړو

    چې وې پښتون او پښتو نه کوې – ژبه ترې پری کړه چې پښتو نه وایې

    په پښتنه مینه
    سیف الله بریال

  31. daud khan Says:

    salam,salamuna tolu afghananu ta,
    de de khushaley khabra da chey zamug gran hewad chey dunia ta ham pata dey. aw pa has dawal iranianu ta aw de iran laspusu ta ,chey afghanistan de mirwais khan neeka aw ahamd khan abdali loy kur de aw hes kala daga iranain aw de duey laspusey nashey kawaliey chey de afghan, loy aw shtman tarih ta kuma zarba wrkrey ,kho bey ham biad chey pashtun qoum, afghaan quom de har wahat pa tayrsey ke wey .wley chey dunia pa de ke da chey pashto aw pashtanu ta loy tawanuna wrkrey .duey tool twan pa kar achwley dey ,de pashtanu de nasal wazaney hasey pa pura zur aw jush sara pa mah rawaney de nu afghan quoma nur biader shey na yawzy pa herat ke balkey de afghanistan pa har gut gut key daga hal de.aw yawzy de pashtanu sara dey.aw pa akheir ke wrore ta wayem chey da lekana de krey da dera manana aw kushash wakra chey nur ham zur wrkrey tr su pashtun quom yaw zal berta pa jush rashey aw khapla pashto ta ye pam rashey ,yaw zal bey manan de lekani na de.

  32. mirwais khogiani Says:

    زه هم په خپل وار سره خپل د پشتو نه دک دک سلامونه تاسو ته وراندی کوم او دیر زیات خوشحالیزم چی سوک پشتو خدمت کوی منننننننه گرانو

  33. Arif khan Says:

    Da pak Allah pa fazl aw karm tool pashthana yaw u shokur.

  34. Farooq Rawan Says:

    dear brother Wakil Ahmad Khan Herati what you wrote is not blievable I was thinking that you will be litarate but I realize that you are not because how it is possible if you talk Pashto it will cost more and if you talk dari it will cost low, I am surprise for your thinking please once again an advise for you when you are writing any comment any where please think, the world is not like you.
    ګرانه وروره دورانی صاحب الله د نور هم توفیق درکړی چه کران افغانستان ته خدمت وکړی نه تنها هرات ته په هرصورت شه لیکنه دی کړی وه دیره په زړه پوری وه
    د کامیابی په هیله مو

  35. Duranai Sahib,
    Pur qalam di barakath sha. Sta ghondi zwanan chi wi no inshallah zmozh Tola armanuna ba pora shi. Deera pa zRa pori leekna di kaRee da.
    Jhwandai osee

  36. Grana Eimala; Manana la di che muz sara dy khpal khub shar kro …da sta na balk zmuz da toolo khub dy …aw inshallah ritia kizi ba :)……

    Za fatima pa italy ky economics kawam aw zma yaw hamsifi che italiavy dy pa pashtanu bandi thiese leky nu hagha la mana kumak ghawari …aw malomat ghari …nu ka tasi sa khas malomat lary ma ta ya rakry …che za ghwram hagha ta da pashtoon sha aw bad aw kam zalmuna che warsara sawy dy warta wayam ..manana

    • latif kakar Says:

      well Fatima ,
      i appreciate every pashtoon girl to get training & higher education then belt the dispersed pashtoon nation by transfering their skill,
      regards, Latif kakar

  37. very good Emal Jana , very well written.

  38. abdul haleem mohammadzai Says:

    salaam dira manana lah tashona

  39. salamona aw neeki heeli mi wa manana Duranai Sahib, dira manana aw dira pa zara pory likana da

    za ma (4) kaal keezi chey pa herat ke yama maah key pa pakistan ki wa ma noo awala warzz me wah chey sohnzy tah walra ma dari me ham nawa zada pah pashto mi kabari kawli
    no har zai cehy baa tahlama pashto toll tah dasi malmadala chey da kahrji zaba da koh hoss sakor dir pashtona sta pa herat ki chey dria da kandahar aw helmand oss doonkei di chey dellta paa karbar aw zdakri masgulll di

    aw zaa pah pashto emlaki kalaty lrama ko kosahas kwama chey sahh ya krama
    waslaaam(shabnam from herat province)

  40. I am happy too that the herat’s pashtoons are awake now. please try to follow such kind of services to sweet pashto language.
    thank you very much
    good luck
    Javed Salai

  41. hi i am from herat and i would to discuss this. first of all both farsi (dari) and pashto are afghanistan’s languages, and they are both the main ethnic groups. Yes, I have pashtun and tajik lineage, and so do most of the people of herat. The farsi language did not come from “immigrants” to herat, it is the native language, i would suggest you look through the history of herat. Also pashtu language and culture are very mixed with the farsi culture in herat, and we are not like iranis, we are proud of who we are and of both languages. Yes, most of heratis speak farsi, there are tokhis and such in herat whose great grandfathers were pashtuns but are very mixed with farsiwans which is why we are proud of both. Anyways, herat is a very cultural and educated place in afghanistan, and it always will be. Please don’t hate one type of afghans because in herat we have respect for every one of afghanistan’s ethnic groups and we all live together as neighboors, i have both pashtuns and tajiks and mixed in my family and no one discriminates, and before all these wars, the schools in herat teached in farsi and pashtu, for everyone. The rest of Afghanistan can learn from us because we want to have educatation for every one of afghanistan’s children, in farsi and pashtu, for girls, boys, and every ethnicity to improve our country to how it was. By the way all the best of farsi and pashtu literature comes from Afghanistan’s history, not Iran or Pakistan, because it is our culture to be the best. One last thing I’d like to mention is farsi and pashto are the same kind of language, from the same group of languages, like brothers. They came from the same source in historic times.

  42. Salamoona !
    tanx for Ur comment and nice words !
    dear ! let me to tell u that the above words which i wrote in the form of a short story is my feelings and … and says I LOVe Pashto
    I love pashto not mean i do not like Dari !
    and as u said Pashto and Dari both are sisters languages !! and belong to same language family , we never said that we hate Dari and farsiwans ! and the above short story does not say so ! but it says :-
    Herat City is the capital of Herat province in Afghanistan, and even though Pashto is an official language of Afghanistan, there was not even a single Pashto article in our government magazine and never more than a short news program on our government TV channel. There were many other television channels and many other magazines, but even though the majority of the people of Herat are Pashtuns, none of those were in Pashto either. Any sort of Pashto learning center existed only in our imagination. Pashto seemed almost to be a forbidden language in my city, the so called City of Knowledge.

  43. Mohammd Naeem Says:

    Sallam tolo PAKHTANO khwando warorno ta

  44. Naseebullah Abid Safi Says:

    Grana Emal Jana…..
    yar Deera Khaista Aw khokalee lekana wa…..ta kho wayeel che za de herat yem kho ma na manala. zaka ma wayeel che dasee kalak pakhtoon aw pa herat kee….ma da fiker na kawoo che pa herat ke ba pakhtana wee..kho pa har hall….deer ziat khoshala shoom che da lekana me wakatala….

    aw bala khabara har sook da wayee che khedmat pa kar dee khpale zabee ta ….no da ba sook kawee khedmat…che sook lag warakee wee no hamesha da pakhtoo khabaree kawee……kho che lag ghatee chawky ta warasege no bya warsara da chawky gham she na da pakhtoo aw wayee mong kho yew shan yoo sa farq kawee…..

    khudi de tolo pakhtanoo ta was warkree che khpalee khugai zabi pakhtoo ta khedmat wkaree…

    Ameen Soma Ameen

    Pa Mananee sara,
    Naseebullah Abid Safi

  45. Mohammd Naeem Says:

    Some time i m thinking that why pashtons are this much going back day by day and people of other languages getting take over on Pashtoons , the fault is done by us pashtoon, if we are 10 people in meeting 9 of them are Pashto speaker and one is another language speaker so why all 9 speak another language insteat of pashto, can any one please answer me , Please love your language and always stand on your language as other languages speaker stood on thiere language in Afghansitan, never change your Language my Pashtoon brothers and sisters as you never changed your religion not only in Herat but in whole world in Afghansitan and in Paksitan too. trust me our next genaration will blame us. this is our responsibility to keep pashtoo alive for ever .as we keep our Islam form 1400 years . Love you all Pashtoons in all over the world .

  46. Dear Eiamal Jan,
    Your precious and heart touching feelings, the love you have for pashto and pashtons, and also the work you are doing for pashto language improvement is highly appreciated.
    As we have such as you active Afghans, The dreams you always have had will become true for sure.
    I wish you many more success in both your career and life.
    Long Life Afghanistan,

    Khalilullah Mayar

  47. I am also concerned about Pashtuns of Kunduz, Balkh and Baghalan who are under pressure to become Persianized.
    Moreover, the Pashtuns of Farah are laso in process of forgetting Pashto.
    In my opinion, all Pashtuns should stop speaking farsee and simply say”Moong Fasee na phaigoo”
    Only then Pashto would be revived again in Afghanistan.

  48. Niamat Ahmadzai Says:

    Salamooooooooona dy Afghanistan & pakhtoonistan pakhtano.

  49. Niamat Ahmadzai Says:

    pady omid chy yao azat & talemyafta pakhana walro

  50. شمس الرحمن شینواری Says:

    ډیر ښه وروره چه ستاسی غوندی شاه زلمی پیدا شی نو یقینن ستاسی یو خوب به خوب نه وی بلکی یو حقیقت به وي

    • One who has the sense of his language, nation and country will not be behinde of anyone else, as to what extension I know it would be even better that it has all those which our language is in the state of need. I read it all and Got complete confidence about your ideas and thought you have done. thanks for your time and endeavors you did for. I know you expressed your heart felt whishes for the pashto language.

      Hope you do it well agian and wishe you have all the best in your future.

  51. Bilquees Daud Says:

    Dear Eimal,

    Der shayesta, pake ow la meene dak khabari de lekali. Ta de eftekhar warr ye, kash tul Afghani zwanan amdasi khobona ow amalona walari.

    De baryaletob be hella,

  52. sana-a-ullah Says:

    salamoona tolo dostano ou bya khas dorani sahib taso ta ,mashaullah der shaysta matleb mo baraber kare da allah de kamyab lara zmong sara .staso da la kamybi pe hela.

  53. Nabeel Afghan Says:

    Really ,Mr Dorrani the article is awesome.And may your dream comes true.

  54. So nice…….. Sacred Dreams wonderfully wrapped in brilliant words……..

    ډکه دجمال او دجلال غرنۍ ژبه ده »»»»»» وایی وره پشتو دمستانه موسيقی ژبه ده

  55. Anwar Zazay Says:

    VeRy NiCe EiMaL Duroni
    I Proude of you brother to wrote about Pakhtun Historic in Herat Province south west of Great Afghanistan
    i like it very inteersting for me
    thanks for sharing
    Brother Anwar Zazay

  56. I love this article but sadly I fall into the category of farsi speaking pashtana…I was born in kabul but family goes way back to kandahar..lig pashto mi izda de. But I would like to learn so my kids don’t grow up like me not knowing their language…can anyone help me learn?

  57. Herat parsi ast Says:

    How sad must be your culture and pashtuns, that you claim Herat as pashtun. I am from Herat, from “Baqche Metar”. I am tajik. My family are tajik and all my herati friends are tajiks. Of course, I have met some pashtun heratis, but they were all unable to speak one word of pashto… like most of pashtuns inmigrants livigin in tajik cities such as Herat, Ghazni, Kabul or Mazar.

    Your homeland is Pakistan, dear pashtun friends. Stop claiming tajik heritage. 😉

    • Dear! your comment approved.
      I am so sorry about your words and information.

      I love all my Afghans.
      I love you too. I wish, you could look at the dream from another angle than that from which you looked at it.

      Isn’t our right to speak Pashto/mother tongue?
      Isn’t our right to study in Pashto/mother tongue?

    • Please get your history right. Afghanistan has been a multicultural city since the ancient ages (5000 years ago). Pashtuns and Tajiks are both brother through DNA. Their language is similar. They’ve both originated from Afghanistan. NONE of us are immigrants in Afghanistan. I’m so tired of hearing pashtuns calling tajiks immigrants and vice-versa. The reason for why Afghanistan is in such a state is because people are racist, and aren’t accepting of one another. ‘

      Pashtuns and Tajiks are brothers, as are Uzbeks and Hazaras. My mother is half-tajiki half-pashtun. My grandfather is from Herat. My father is mixed as well. They both know how to speak fluently in both languages. I’ve been given the gift of knowing how to speak both languages. I can enjoy literature and poetry in both languages. It’s a gift to know more than one language. I’m so thankful that I do.

      Once we stop hating each other, then we can move on. By the end of the day, we’re all human. Stop hating.

  58. Moska Ahmadzai Says:

    The Iranian diplomat did really say that or it was a part of your dream also ?

  59. ډير سلامونه او نيکي هيلي. وروره ستا ليک مي ډير خوښ شو.ده پښتو په اساني سره ده ليکلو لپاره په لاندي لنک باندي ټک(کليک) وکړي. مننه


  60. Very important
    Salamoon dear Afghanano Pukhtano wrono. To make it easier to type Pashto on English keyboard, i have setup a file which will change the layout and rearrange the keys of Pashto keyboard in windows in just one click. Forexample, m=meem, n=noon, k=kaaf, . It has all the Pashto alphabets in an easy way so novice users who want to write Pashto can easily write and don’t have to learn a new layout if they are used to English keyboard layout.


  61. Chuck norris Says:

    Herat pashtun? Hhahaha, now I understand the name of this channel, “pashto dream land”.

    Keep dreaming, wrora. Tajiks are real heratis. The rest are just inmigrants. 😉

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